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 · 7/1/2016 · 
CSU's 1 July update of the 2016 Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecast has been released. Click here for the forecast.
 · 6/1/2016 · 
CSU's 1 June update of the 2016 Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecast has been released. Click here for the forecast.
 · 5/11/2016 · 
Phil Klotzbach's presentation from the Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference is available. Click here for the presentation.
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The Tropical Meteorology Project
Dr. William Gray
In Memory of Dr. William (Bill) Gray

Dr. Gray passed away on April 16, 2016. He spent over 60 years in the field of meteorology and made vast contributions in the field of tropical cyclone research. Not only was he a phenomenal scientist, he was an excellent advisor to his 80+ graduate students, an amazing mentor and a great friend. Dr. Gray's formal obituary is available here.

Phil Klotzbach has written a eulogy for Dr. Gray. You can view his eulogy here.

Phil Klotzbach and fellow CSU alum Brian McNoldy have written a piece on the unique and humorous characteristics of Dr. Gray for the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang. You can view the piece here.

Featured Sections

• Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts
CSU's yearly forecasts for named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes. Includes the current forecast and archived forecasts dating back to 1984.

• Real-Time Global Tropical Cyclone Activity
Real-time monitoring of global tropical cyclone statistics. Also contains extensive basinwide archives.

• Two-Week Forecasts
CSU's forecasts for Atlantic hurricane activity for two-week periods between August and October.

• Landfalling Hurricane Probability Project
Displays probabilities of landfalling tropical cyclones along the United States coastline from Brownsville, TX to Eastport, ME. Probabilities are displayed for each coastal state, as well as for 11 regions and 205 counties and are based on the latest forecast by Dr. Gray and his team. Caribbean and Central American landfall probabilities are also available. This webpage is co-produced by the GeoGraphics Lab, Bridgewater State University.

• 2016 Forecast Schedule
A table displaying the schedule for the Tropical Meteorology Project's 2016 hurricane forecasts.

• Tropical Meteorology Project Forecast Verifications
Verification of CSU's seasonal hurricane forecasts in MS Excel format.

• Tropical Meteorology Project Forecast Accuracy
Average error of CSU's hurricane forecasts since they began being issued in 1984.

• Tropical Meteorology Project FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the Tropical Meteorology's Project seasonal hurricane forecasts.

• Tropical Storm FAQ
Frequently asked questions about tropical cyclones. This webpage is maintained by Chris Landsea, Chief Science and Operations Officer at the National Hurricane Center.

• TMP Publications
Tropical Meteorology Project Publications available in PDF Format

• TMP Blue Books
Tropical Meteorology Project Research Blue Books available in PDF Format

• TMP Presentations
Tropical Meteorology Project Presentations available in Microsoft Powerpoint Format

• TMP Personnel
Personnel listing for the Tropical Meteorology Project Team. Includes names, contact information, and home page listings.

• About the TMPWeb Portal
Copyright, privacy statement, contact information. Includes information on the open-source solutions used to put together TMPweb.

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