TMPWeb Portal
The TMPWeb Portal is built upon open standards and open source web applications to provide an aesthetic, useful, user-friendly interface to the resources available to the Tropical Meteorology Project headed up by Dr. William Gray. This page provides important information about the web portal itself, and lists the open source components that make up the more useful parts of TMPWeb.

Important Information

• All Content is © 1994-2003 Dr. William Gray
All Rights Are Reserved
If you would like to use any of the information on this site, please email Dr. Gray at Gray@Atmos.ColoState.Edu or the Tropical Meteorology Project Web Master at WebMaster@Typhoon.Atmos.ColoState.Edu. Please include the purpose that you wish to use information for.

• TMPWeb is © 2001-2003 Jason Connor
All of the XHTML, PHP, and Graphics, except for the icons, are original. Even though they are copy-written, they are free to use for any purpose (private or commercial). The icons are © Jimmac and are released under the GNU Public License. I have changed their format and scaled a couple of them for greater browser compatibility and aesthetic purposes. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please direct them to: WebMaster@Typhoon.Atmos.ColoState.Edu.

• Privacy Statement:
Even though TMPWeb logs all visitors, and their available information (i.e. remote host, last page in history, browser type), we in no way use this information for anything other than statistical analysis of our web traffic. We do not sell or distribute this information. Questions? Email the Web Master.

• Open Standards Compliancy:
TMPWeb strives to be compliant with the XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2 standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium. We will be running the online compliancy check before the final release of this portal.

Open Source Solutions

• RedHat Linux
Perhaps the most well-known distribution of Linux. RedHat is nicely put together, has the best PC-hardware support of any distribution, is easy to install and configure, and, best-of-all, free. The company's home page is at http://www.RedHat.Com.

• Apache Web Server
The most popular web server. Apache is a fully modular, multi-threaded work-horse of a server. Find out about the project and download the latest software at http://www.Apache.Org.

• PHP Server-Side Scripting Language
PHP is rapidly growing in popularity. It is a server-side scripting language, much like ASP or JSP. PHP is set apart by its powerful scripting engine, produced by Zend Technologies and the very complete database support that comes built in. It is clean, fast, and easy to learn. The project's home page is at http://www.PHP.Net.

• PHP-Lib
PHP-Lib is a library of PHP classes and functions for commonly used web-site functionality, including database abstraction, authorization, a shopping-cart implementation, menu generation, and web-site templating (which is what it is being used for here.) The project's home page is at http://www.PHPLib.SourceForge.Net

•  Squirrel Mail
Squirrel Mail is an open source email interface for the web. Written in PHP, it runs over the IMAP protocol, and supports multiple mailboxes, allows users to read their email, reply to email, compose new email, and even keep an online address book. Multiple 'themes' are supported through the use of css2. The project's home page is at http://SqirrelMail.SourceForge.Net.

• HTDig Local Search Engine
HTDig is a search engine written in C++, and uses Berkley's DB3 file format to store information about the web sites it spiders on the local intra-net. It is fully configurable, and easy to setup. It even supports templates for customizing the search interface. The project's home page is at http://www.HTDig.Org.